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  • What is the application process?
    The application process is organised in 4 steps: The application, the explore module, the technical assignment and the interview. click here for more
  • Who can apply?
    We teach motivated refugees and other vulnerable individuals with limited access to education or the labor market. Anyone living in Belgium, who wants to start a career in web development is welcome to apply. However, priority will always be given to refugees and asylum seekers. Women are strongly encouraged to apply! The requirements: You’re +18 years old You’re extremely motivated to start a career in web development. You speak English at an intermediate level. You can study a minimum of 30 hours per week. You are recognized as a refugee or waiting for your recognition. You are a migrant with limited access to education or the labor market. We’re a free program. We provide laptops for students that don't have their own during the training. Check the program that you are interested in for more detailed information.
  • I am not a refugee. Can I still apply?
    HackYourFuture is a program for people who have limited access to higher education and the job market in Belgium and priority will always be given to refugees and asylum seekers. You are welcome to apply to the program, but please explain in your motivation why you believe you are disadvantaged in Belgium and need the HackYourFuture program.
  • I am not living in Belgium. Can I still apply?
    HackYourFuture is also present in other countries like the Netherlands and Denmark. If we’re not active (yet) in your country, please reach out to us, so we can connect you with similar coding schools across Europe. Or you can choose to do self-study. All the resources we use in the HackYourFuture Belgium program are available online and you can find it here
  • When does the new class start?
    Keep an eye on The Program page to find out when the next class will start! We also communicate on social media when a new call for applications is launched.
  • How long does the program take?
    Our curriculum is divided into 12 modules. In total it takes 8 months. After graduating, you will get support from a voluntary mentor to look for an internship or job.
  • How much time do I need to dedicate as a coach?
    The time you might spend with us depends on which role you take. You can discover the different coaching roles here! Please reach out to us so we can discuss it in a call. We’re happy to see your face while explaining how you can become part of our mission.
  • Where can I find the curriculum?
    Our open curriculum can be found here. For a more profound dive, don’t hesitate to explore our Github page!
  • Where do classes take place on Sunday?
    We normally organize all our Sunday classes at Epitech
  • Do I have to prepare the presentations as a coach?
    No. The class presentations are prepared by our educational coordinator. You will only need to be available for a call a week prior to the beginning of your module to align on the goals and targets.
  • What does a mentor do at HackYourFuture?
    We provide our graduates-to-be with a personal mentor, with whom they do a mentorship journey. During 6 weeks, our voluntary mentors guide our students towards finding a first internship or job experience, helping them with their CV and LinkedIn profile, giving them feedback on their motivational letters and doing mock interviews. Please reach out to us so we can discuss it in a call. We’re happy to see your face while explaining how you can become part of our mission.
  • What’s happening during the week at HackYourFuture?
    During the week, students work on their group assignments. If stuck, students ask questions on their class channel. On Fridays, students submit their group homework, which is then reviewed by one of the coaches.
  • How can I hire students?
    After the 8-months program, our students will be looking to do an internship between 1 and 3 months. On top of having a degree from the home country, the students have learned the basics of web development. If you’d like to find out more about how we teach and our curriculum, click here. They usually have the basics of French and/or Dutch and are incredibly eager to learn!
  • Where can I see your graduates’ profiles?
    We are most happy to share our graduates’ profiles with you. Please contact us on! Currently, our alumni are working on an alumni platform, where you will be able to consult the freshly graduated students who are currently looking for an internship or job. It will be online soon. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
  • How can I support HackYourFuture?
    HackYourFuture Belgium can only improve thanks to the help of our donors and sponsors. By supporting our organisation, you have an impact on the lives of newcomers in Belgium, who want to work hard to take their future into their own hands. If you want to donate, please visit our Support us page. If you’d like to support us on a more structural basis, please contact us via We’d love to hear from you and explore the most appropriate way of collaborating!
  • How do I become a partner for the bootcamp?
    The bootcamp takes place every summer. During 4 intensive weeks, our newly grads are challenged to work on a real project, with a real partner. Do you have a project you’d like to explore? Would you like to give an opportunity to incredibly motivated graduates? Get in touch via!
  • How can I donate computers?
    Students can only develop their full potential if they have access to qualitative material to learn. Because not every student has the resources to buy a computer, we collect used computers from companies to borrow them for the duration of our program. If your company has unused computers in stock, we would be incredibly grateful to make them useful again! Contact us via


HackYourFuture is a non-profit organization and our course is entirely free for the students. Support our work.


Our coach and mentors are professional web-developers with a passion for technology and a wish to share their knowledge and skill.


Does your company want to support diversity and inclusion in the tech industry? Consider becoming a partner and find out more here.

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