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Volunteer coaches and mentors are the backbone of HackYourFuture. Their commitment and dedication to guide and help highly motivated refugees and newcomers to unlock and develop their potential are key in  achieving our mission of professional integration in the Tech sector in Belgium.  More than 50% of our volunteer coaches are former HYF graduates who once their professional path is on track, come back to help the new students. Do you also want to help to make the tech industry more inclusive and become part of our community?



You will contribute to improving the lives of others through tech education


You will become a better expert by teaching your knowledge


You will be exposed to different cultures and different ways of thinking & working

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You will become a part of HackYourFuture’s professional network

Volunteer teacher


“I’m currently in a privileged position so I feel it is time for me to help the community that helped me when I was learning. Additionally, I want to help increase diversity in the development community. HackYourFuture gives me the opportunity to learn new soft skills like presenting and mentoring. And above all it is just fun!”


Coach HackYourFuture


HackYourFuture is a non-profit organization and our course is entirely free for the students. Support our work.


Our coach and mentors are professional web-developers with a passion for technology and a wish to share their knowledge and skill.


Does your company want to support diversity and inclusion in the tech industry? Consider becoming a partner and find out more here.

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