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Capgemini x HackYourFuture

CapgeminiBE orchestrated an incredibly impactful afternoon! This event provided students from the non-profit organization, 'Hack Your Future,' with a genuine glimpse into the application process at Capgemini. The session revolved around a set of mock interviews across three vital domains: HR, business, and technical, all skillfully conducted by our in-house experts. This immersive encounter offered the students a true-to-life experience, allowing them to glean invaluable insights from the 'as-is' scenario. Let's not underestimate the intricacies of the interview process; it demands a mastery of skills, and sometimes, even a few well-guarded secrets

A heartfelt thanks to the exceptional Capgemini team - Annlore Defossez, Simona Bebe, Mandy Monsempo, and Alina Gutierrez. Thanks to them, the students from HackYourFuture Belgium had the chance to partake in a speed-dating style interview process under authentic conditions. The students received candid and invaluable feedback from HR and business interviewers, as well as our technical experts. Truly, an experience that is beyond measure!!!"

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