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Capgemini x HackYourFuture

Updated: Dec 13, 2023


CapgeminiBE recently orchestrated a transformative afternoon for students from the non-profit organization, 'Hack Your Future.' This impactful event aimed to provide students with an authentic insight into the application process at Capgemini, offering them a unique opportunity to navigate mock interviews across key domains - HR, business, and technical. The session was expertly facilitated by in-house professionals, ensuring an immersive and beneficial experience for all participants.

Diverse Mock Interviews 

The event featured a series of mock interviews, strategically designed and skilfully conducted by Capgemini's in-house experts, offering students a comprehensive understanding of different facets of the application process. The diverse set of interviews not only prepared participants for real-world challenges but also showcased the company's commitment to support diversity and inclusivity in the Tech sector. 

True-to-Life Learning 

The immersive nature of the encounter provided students with a true-to-life experience, enabling them to gain invaluable insights from scenarios closely mirroring actual interviews. This approach emphasized the practical application of knowledge, shedding light on the intricacies of the interview process and the mastery of skills required. This experience is central in preparing students to successfully pass the often-daunting recruitment processes. 

Acknowledging Capgemini's Exceptional Team: a heartfelt thanks to the amazing Capgemini team – Annlore Defossez, Simona Bebe, Mandy Monsempo, Alina Gutierrez and many more. Thanks to their dedication and creativity, Hack Your Future students had this incredible opportunity to experience a comprehensive interview process under authentic conditions. The inclusion of HR, business, and technical experts ensured that students received candid and valuable feedback, an unforgettable experience! 

Priceless Experience: the students not only gained practical insights into the interview process but also had the opportunity to interact with industry professionals, fostering a deeper understanding of the corporate world and its expectations. Cherry on top: Capgemini top Management Piet-Wybe Wagter, Eric de Quatrebarbes and Lucie Kroemer also joined the networking event: what an unforgettable experience!


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