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HYF Student Shares Experience with Capgemini Collaboration

To provide our students with real-world experience and exposure to the industry, HYF has partnered with Capgemini, a global leader in IT services and consulting.  As part of a serie of coaching seriessessions provided by Capgemini's staff, a speeddating mock interviews was organized on 17 October to enable our students to gain valuable insights into the recruitment process.

We recently sat down with John, a HYF student who participated in the mock interviews

John shared his thoughts on the experience and how it has helped him prepare for his future career.

HYF Student: John

Program: Full-Stack Web Developer

Q: What did you think about the collaboration between HYF and Capgemini?

John: I think it was an excellent idea. It gave us a great opportunity to have a practical experience in the recruitment process in a corporate setting. We received feedback on our performance and tips on improving our chances of finding work in the future.

Q: How was the practical/technical interview?

John: It was a bit stressful, but it was also a valuable learning experience. I was the only one being interviewed then, so there was a lot of pressure. However, the interviewers were very supportive and gave me helpful feedback.

The technical interview was quite simple compared to the level of teaching we receive at HYF. This made me feel more confident about my abilities and gave me the motivation to continue pursuing my career goals.

Q: What did you learn and gain from this collaboration between HYF and Capgemini?

John: I learned a lot about the importance of preparation and the value of having a strong CV. I also gained some valuable insights into the corporate culture and how to present myself professionally.

I hope that in the future, these mock interviews will be open to all HYF students, not just a select few. This would give everyone the opportunity to benefit from this valuable experience.

We are grateful to Capgemini for their partnership and for providing our students with this unique opportunity. We believe that this collaboration is a valuable asset to our program and will help our students prepare for successful careers in the IT industry.


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